||PRANAMYA SHIRASA DEVAM GAURI PUTHRAM VINAYAKAM, BHAKTAVASAM SMAREN NITHYAM AYUH KAMARTHA SIDDAYE|| - With head bowed, let me unceasingly worship in my mind the God Vinayaka, the son of Gauri, the refuge of his devotees, for the complete attainment of longevity, amorous desires and wealth.


Mrs Mooktabye and Geetabye Suntoo, Mr. Veermul Vicky Hurree and Mr & Mrs Dicken Govinda have the utmost pleasure inviting you all to the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi 2017.

FRIDAY 25th August 2017

>Murthi Stapan - 8.30 a.m

>Jakri on the night of 25th August.

SATURDAY 26th August 2017

> Ganpathi Maha Aarti - 12.30 p.m

> Uttar Puja - 13.00 p.m

> Procession from Ligne Berthaud Vacoas to La Vanille Vacoas - 13.30 p.m

Join us during these 2 special days of Bappa. Together let us welcome the Elephant God with love and bhakthi.
JAKRI Groups are most welcomed to perform in the grace of Vignaharta.
Ganpathi Bappa Moreya

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25 August , Friday 08:30

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