Future Sickness Label Night! Presented by BassBOX

BassBOX Presents: Future Sickness Label Night!

Club *Mixtape 5*


(Future Sickness, PRSPCT, Genosha175, UNION, Heresy)

(Future Sickness, PRSPCT, Industrial Strength)


(Future Sickness, METAFIZIQ, PRSPCT)

Dominik Piechocki aka Switch Technique, born in the early 80's, pretty small lad bringing big things
in the stuido and on the dancefloor.
Probably the most known producer from Poland representing
dark & hard edged music.

Wide range of collabs and releases on major labels in his
repertoire confirms his ability to work hard.
At the same time he is the co-owner of Union Recordings.
He definitely doesn't like to attract himself with just one
certain style or genre.
Drum'n'bass, crossbreed, hardcore and much much more
- You can hear all that in this guy's productions.
He has proved it over the years in many of his singles,
as well as on his three succesful Long-Play releases.

Yet, he has never stood still and has been working hard
as hell for all that time. Not to rest on laurels
- the new, fourth LP is in works...

Switch Technique is also busy as a label co-owner of newborn UNION RECORDINGS which will to heave into view more hearbraking releases from himself and some of the leading scene artists, such as The Outside Agency, Machine Code aka Current Value and Dean Rodell, Cooh,Lethal or Lucio De Rimanez.

Soon information artists !!

And two more international guests !!

Big hall !! Massive sound and lighting

Entrance - 7,5 Euro / Вход 14,99

*Политика за достъп на непълнолетни:

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Bulgaria Blvd. 1, underpass “Gallery”, 1000
01 December , Friday 22:00

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