Future Entrepreneurship 2018

On 21.02, the Zuiderkroon in Antwerp will host the second edition of this sensational and thrilling experience.

Join us on a futuristic journey, guided by 5 of world’s most electrifying speakers. Take a look behind the curtain in a new age of technology & entrepreneurship.

■ Delft Hyperloop (the Future

of Mobility)
■ Solar Impulse (the Future of Sustainability)
■ Nell Watson (the Future of Artificial Intelligence)
■ WeTransfer (the Future of Connectivity)
■ City of Antwerp (the Future of Smart Cities)

Continue your exploration of the future on the exclusive #FE18 Technology Fair, allowing you to experience new tech such as VR, electric cars, and robotics first-hand.

● Stad Antwerpen
● IBM Benelux
● Hello crowd
● Port of Antwerp
● De Cronos Groep
● Switch
● Panasonic Belgium
● RAVEN Zaventem
● BeVirtual Arcade Gent
● Unilever
● go Poppy
● Red Bull
● Maersk Line
● yondr

Tickets for Future Entrepreneurship 2018 are now available on the website. The future is here… what are you waiting for?



►Stad Antwerpen◄
►IBM Benelux◄
►Hello crowd◄
►Port of Antwerp◄
►De Cronos Groep◄

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Vlaamse Kaai 81, 2000
21 February , Wednesday 19:00

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