Future Acid 03/03/2018

20 Years ago, we felt an uncontrolled urge to throw a party to celebrate the underground sounds of the famous Roland 303. Retro Acid, Belgium’s longest running and premier acid event.

Back then, acid music was noted as old skool. The genre has evolved over the years from acid house over acid techno

to acid core. We feel that the word "retro" no longer covers the load. Acid has become very relevant and innovating.

At our next rave, we’ll take you on a journey through acid’s huge evolution and revolution. We believe that Acid is the Future and the Future is Acid!

Prepare yourself for a wonderful line-up on the perfect acid date: 303!



Ϟ Boston 168 Live
(Odd Even, Involve, Enemy Rec. IT)
(Rave or die, Minimum Syndicat, Tripalium Rec. FR)
Ϟ johnfaustus Live
(Obs.cur, Neurotrope, Pure analog. FR)
Ϟ Arkanoid Live
(Binary Bassline, Zodiak Commune, Communiqué Music. BE)
(Decadance, Lab.105dB. BE)
Ϟ spacid
(Retro Acid, Kozzmozz, FGA. BE)


Pre-sale : €15
@ FNAC, Brooklyn, Vooruit / online: www.retroacid.be/tickets
Doors : €19





The acidic ingredients of the night are – in good tradition - a lot of live-action and leading artists in the genre.

Ϟ Boston 168 live (Odd Even, Involve, Enemy Rec. IT)


Boston 168 is a laboratory of sound crafting. Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca are two electronic researchers, who have spent years working on vivisecting sound in order to create new solutions for the techno substance. Their hard work paid off, in 2010 the two young producers co-found Old and Young label. It was the musical birth of Acid techno and the reason why they got noticed by the famous techno DJs. When the duo started working on their live set, they got the honor to play an acid set at Berghain, which almost never happens!
Boston 168 is extremely hot and the number of tour dates confirms that. We’re immensely happy that we can welcome these two representatives of the new dawn of Acid Techno at our next edition!

Ϟ Minimum Syndicat live (Rave or die, Minimum Syndicat, Tripalium Rec. FR)


In addition to Boston 168 we invited another acid artist that is currently getting big in today’s techno world: Minimum Syndicat. They played, as the only ones(!), an acid set at Awakenings Festival 2017 and on top of that, they were invited at Reaktor.
They have built a reputation across Europe with their ballistic, mind-bending, new skool acid live-sets.
The galactic duo “is currently on a mission to bring back the fierce euphoria and weird energy of no-nonsense acid rave music". They have already proven themselves at a previous Retro Acid party and they are ready to blow you away at our next one.

Ϟ Johnfaustus live (Obs.cur, Neurotrope, Pure analog. FR)


Piano lessons in the 80’s, rocking the guitar in the 90’s, hanging out at free parties since the end of the millennium (followed by a hardware addiction), Johnfaustus is still making noise. He is a versatile producer, he navigates from dub to death metal with some mental acid core in between. After scouring the west coast of France without a specific goal for 15 years, he’s spotted for his acid core productions by the label obs.cur. What follows is numerous parties and vinyl releases. At our next event he’ll bring a 100% hardware live set with dark, distorted and psychedelic acid sounds.

Ϟ Arkanoid live (Binary Bassline, Zodiak Commune, Communiqué Music. BE)


At the end of the nineties, Arkanoid picked up the acid virus and over 20 years later he is still infected. He played his 303 live set in countries as Belgium, The Netherlands, Uk, Scotland, Finland, France, Germany,…
Binary Bassline Records (featuring some of these heroes) was the fruit of shacking together with Mr. Gasmask. 7 releases of 303-based output, but never compromising on quality. Arkanoid becomes more active every week and promises some new tracks and collaborations in 2018.
The man is no stranger to us, on march 3 he rejoices us with his 5th appearances at our event! We’re looking forward to his live performance.

Ϟ Trixy (Decadance, Lab.105dB. BE)


TRiXY is known for pleasing the darker Underground Techno scene. She managed to become one of the most interesting DJs that emerged in the country's new found love for underground sounds.
Together with some of her closest friends who share the same passion for music, she started ‘Lab.105dB’. She hosted a Lab.105dB stage at Forest Festival, which was a big turning point for her career. TRiXY got noticed and was booked on several big events as Chronicles, Rave Cave Tomorrowland, Lost Theory (HR), to name a few and well-known clubs.
At our next edition, the rising talent will show her 303 talent!

Ϟ Spacid (Retro Acid, Kozzmozz, FGA. BE)


Our resident Spacid is one of the earliest acid pioneers in Belgium. His first steps playing in front of a public date back to 1990. Four years later he founded Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency concentrating on promoting groundbreaking music & arts. The parties, mostly illegal, were very successful and still to this day represent the true roots of Spacid’s DJ career.

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Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000
03 March , Saturday 23:00

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