Full Moon Walk March in Manly-Lota

Welcome to our full moon walk. This is a Satsanga ( see below) which nourishes our body, mind, spirit with friends.
Did you know the full moons have names every time? This full moon is called the full worm moon which is the last full moon of winter for the northern tribe and it’s about the time worms

waking up. Whereas worms will start making beds in the Southern Hemisphere!

Come to Lota Boxhead Park( 765 Esplanade, Lota QLD 4179, Australia) at 6:00pm to get early dinner at Bart's Cafe then start walking at around 7:00pm or bit later. FYI, moon rising will be 6:37pm.
You are welcomed to pop in the walking only, if you don't need dinner.
It will be 2-3km walk and you can walk away anytime.

Parking is easy at the park.

Buy your own meal and drinks

-what is Satsanga?-
Satsanga is a group of like-minded people who sit with a guru, a group of fellow worshippers, or spiritual people. It typically refers to the spiritual or devotional activity of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, such as yogic meditation, concentration, devotional singing or dancing.

The word means “being in the company of the truth” or “right association.” It comes from the Sanskrit sat, meaning “true,” and sanga, meaning “company” or “associated with”; therefore, satsanga is friendship or relationship with the truth itself.

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Lota, 4178
02 March , Friday 18:00

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