Free Spiritual Mass Healing Workshop

Learn to manifest perfect health, financial freedom, beautiful relationships and strong bond with d source.

Your finances, health, relationships are a mirror to your own thoughts and feelings.

Learn to transform them and create a life of absolute abundance and bliss.

This workshop includes:

1. Deep

Hypnotic relaxation
2. Affirmation to project Love and Light in our Aura
3. Deep emotional healing of your inner child
4. Connecting to the Higher self
5. Opening up the heart chakra to welcome grace of the universe
6. Goal Manifestation of Health, Wealth and Happiness
7. Healing the Mother Earth
8. Mass Healing
9. Experience deep meditation
10. Spiritual Blessings

Benefits of this Workshop:

1. Health Issues
2. Genetic Disorders
3. Fears and Phobias
4. Financial Abundance
5. Prosperity in Business
6. Energisation of Home and Offices
7. The harmonious relationship with official departments
8. Relationship Building
9. Love and happiness at home
10. Spiritual Growth

About Facilitator: Seema Bhardwaj is A Holistic Abundance trainer whose aim is to help people live a life of no regrets. To be a magnet of love, peace, and Abundance as we align with our heart center and with d Light of d unlimited energy of d source.

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Rajpur Road, Chukkuwala, Dehradun 248001, India
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28 April , Saturday 14:00