Free Monthly Meditation Gatherings






The monthly event will consists of physical relaxation exercises, combining stretching and yoga with a bit

of Qigong for energy clearing/opening, followed by a 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation, maybe even a bit of group hypnosis/guided vizualisation at the end :)


Pillows, blankets, whatever makes you comfortable. The intention to increase your connection, clear old energy and heal yourself and humanity so be comfortable!


Mitcham Library Park Area (to be confirmed for the month of May)


Hi I'm Riordan King! I've been teaching and guiding meditation for 22 months now and I love sharing it :) I am a certified Lifeflow meditation center practitioner, an Evolve Mind and Body hypnotherapist and a CTS Specialized PT. I've spent over 300 hours in silent meditaion retreats all around the world; in Japan, Canada as well as here in Australia. You can find more about myself, my services and The Meditation Project on our website -


Do you overthinking things and get stuck in negative cycles of the mind? Are you frequently stressed out? Do you feel disconnected from yourself or cut off? Do you need more patience, clarity, inner peace, balance, focus or body awareness? Are you struggling to see the beauty of life?

Maybe you would like to sharpen your mind! Or find and focus in on your truest purpose in life, knowing and working towards your dreams. Who knows! What I do know is that meditation over time can help with this and much, much more. Regular practice enhances life hugely :)

Meditation is the art of relaxing the body and calming the mind and emotions. Part of your purpose is to learn to live fully here and now, in the moment, without all those distractions getting in the way. Meditation teaches you how to thoroughly ground yourself in the present, shifting your focus from your thoughts to the sensations in your body.

Meditation helps you to become aware of the unconscious thought patterns and behaviors that are driving and adversely influencing your life, where upon awareness you have the option to change them or let them go, literally clearing and cleaning out your mental space. I like to call this process mental Alchemy, or simply, reconditioning.

This is how you free your mind; by removing all the layers of conditioning that have built up over time. Meditation creates the internal space required for you to discover your truest passions and purpose, and I think this is one of the most profound of all the many benefits.

You are so much more than you think, literally, and through the process of learning how to tap into deeper states of awareness and being you will more easily be able to toss the junk and distraction aside and focus on your purpose and on bringing more meaning/satisfaction into your life :)

Over time you become less reactive to your thoughts and emotions, and more responsive/intentional in your day to day life and direction, better able to channel your thoughts and intentions and emotions toward the higher pursuits/purposes you can discover within.

I look forward to seeing you at the monthly gathering :) If you can not make it, I also run classes/events most weeks. You can join our mail list on the website or join our group on Facebook for more info

If you have any questions or are curious about my other services, feel free to contact me here on Facebook or call or text me on 0478 416 237.

Have a great day and night!

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01 May , Sunday 11:00

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