FREE 1 Day Introduction To COVERT Hypnosis For Hypnotherapy

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Be Introduced To The *COVERT 4 Step Formula* ... That Will Have You Altering Thinking In Seconds ... Bursting Through Stuck Thinking And Hypnotizing

Subjects On The Spot.

Your introduction to covert hypnosis ( Even for beginners ) will give you the cheaters edge in the hypnosis game.
If you have a interest in hypnosis but tired of the long language patterns, and want your trances quick and powerful..... Then look no further.
Come and join Scott Jansen and the Conversational Hypnosis Academy and learn how to influence the unconscious mind in such a profound way ...... That your subjects will go into trance so quickly.... They will not know what happens.

Consider this as a hypnotist.... Your goal as an ethical and professional hypnotist is to bypass the conscious mind, in order to hook the unconscious.
But in most conventional tactics, this takes time, and this time takes a long time to build up.
Just like a small snow ball that rolls down hill. Yes it will pick up snow along the way but it takes time to grow.
How ever with covert hypnosis, we take out the mechanical and obvious hypnotic patterns and show you EXACTLY how to communicate to the unconscious mind ..... And get the result your looking for ...... Trance.
By using conversational and covert hypnosis in such a way, you will grasp onto the very covert strategies that make language so irresistible to clients.
Image turning EVERYTHING you say into a hypnotic induction .....
What will you learn :
-How to create a strong hypnotic context that allows anything you say penetrate the unconscious mind
-How phobias, problems and challenges are created and how to break the very dichotomies of an issue.
-The 4 step advanced hypnotic formula ( Made easy ) that will help you navigate through a hypnotic interaction.
-Covert language and maneuvers that will increase the power of your hypnotic approach
And a WHOLE lot more
If you are curios about conversational hypnosis and how to triple the speed of your hypnotic approach ... YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS.
Note : This training has been created for any level or understanding of hypnosis.

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Wynnum Manly Leagues Club, 92 Wondall Road, Brisbane, AU
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13 February , Saturday 02:00