Frank Ostaseski & Roshi Joan Halifax: Being with Dying

Being with those who are dying can be an intense, intimate, and deeply alive experience. It often challenges old patterns, reveals our deepest clinging, and plunges us into uncertainty. At the same time, it is an opportunity for growth, a journey of continuous discovery, requiring courage and flexibility.

Taken as a practice of awareness, we can cultivate a wise heart, compassion, and a capacity for skillful action.

In this intensive weekend, we will explore the cultivation of the essential mental/heart qualities and practical skills that allow us to accompany people who are dying and their families through the experience of a catastrophic illness and the dying process. This involves the development of a steady, compassionate, and present-centered awareness that supports us in being strong and stable advocates for those who are suffering and dying. It also affords us the means to be deeply enriched by our care of others.

Frank Ostaseski and Roshi Joan Halifax are pioneers in the field of contemplative end-of-life care, and have trained thousands of healthcare clinicians and caregivers. This weekend intensive includes teachings, processes, and practices they have developed over many decades. This is a rare and special opportunity to work closely with both Frank and Roshi.

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14 Mary's Way, Route 9D, 10524
03 August , Friday 15:00

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