Fourth of July Tournament

The Fourth of July Tournament is making a comeback! This tournament will be an all day, play when you can/want event. All you have to do is make a tee time, pay the tournament fee, and then go out and play.

The Fourth of July Tournament is a one person stroke play event (they must play with someone

in order for their flag to be a legal flag). The golfer receives a small American Flag at the point of arrival for their tee time, this flag will be used to mark where your ball was after hitting your last stroke. The way this tournament works is, the golfer takes 100% of their handicap and adds it onto the course par number (for men this is 70, for women this is 72). This is the number of strokes you are aloud to take in the tournament, if you are aloud 80 strokes, once you hit your 80th shot of the day you place your flag where your ball lands. If you finish 18 holes in 75 strokes then you move onto the first hole and continue playing until you use up all of your 80 strokes. The person with the flag farthest along, wins! This is a fun tournament and gives the below average golfer a chance at winning.

Contact the clubhouse in June for more information!

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48 Randolph Ave, 05060
04 July , Wednesday 07:00

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