Flight of Imagination Ball 2 Atl Mlk Awards Ball

**GRAND PRIZE*****MLK AWARDS BALL 2018 January 14 2018

Flight 1212: $1000 plus $10 pot BQ All American Runway (Legends vs Non-Legends vs BQ Thug Realness (BQ Schoolboys, Prettyboys, Executives are also allowed) with an All American Twist - 3 trophies) Imagine you were trapped in a recurring nightmare!

Whether fashionable, wicked, or just bizarre, bring your most frightening NIGHTMARE to life and make sure the walk has all eyes on you! Creativity is key! No productions! No house affiliation between the final winners and you must battle to determine cash winner. 1st place: $1000; 2nd place: gets the pot ****************************

Flight 1010: $500 OTA Best Dressed (MF vs. FF - 2 trophies) Imagine all flights have been canceled due to inclement weather, including yours to the red carpet social event of the year. Bring a “red carpet” ready look but also have a fashionable umbrella or raincoat for the occasion. Labels not required.

Flight 1987: $250 OTA Runway (Women, Drags, FQ, BQ European, MF All American - 5 trophies) Imagine a world where reality holds no power and everyone is their favorite Disney/Pixar character with a devastating strut.

Flight 6969:$250 (Sponsored by Deidra Ebony 007) BQ Sex Siren vs Body vs Perfect 10s (Sex Siren: Catboy vs Jr vs Sr; Body: Muscular vs Models; Perfect 10s -6 trophies) Imagine in the year 3000 clothes are banned besides underwear and footwear. Sex sirens - in something red; Body - in something black; Perfect 10s - in something white.

Flight 5678: $250 plus $10 pot BQVF vs FF Performance vs Old Way vs Legendary Performance (6 trophies) Imagine a world where all the Performance kids didn’t run away when it was time to battle. Bring me an effect of your choice but come armed with your $10 pot and your ovah performance attitude. When you tap someone you win your pot back and you get theirs too, regardless of who wins the battle. The twist is that if you’re the last one to not tap or get tapped you’re disqualified and out the battle zone forever-No arguments or house affiliation. Winners of each trophy battle for the cash

Flight 56789: $250 RWT plus $10 pot 1 trophy Imagine flight 56789 has been cancelled so you must board flight 5678 now BRING IT!!!!!

Flight 500: $500 OTA Legendary Realness MF vs FF (2 Trophies) Imagine a world where everyone who is Legend for realness actually deserved it. Bring us the footwear that you use to stomp your competition to become a Legend. MF in a new sneaker or boot FF in a nasty heel or boot. Timberlands not allowed.

Flight 2735 $250 MF vs FF Realness (Non Legends) Schoolboys vs Pretty Boys vs Executive vs Thugs vs Drags vs Jr Fem Queen vs FQ vs Butch vs Transman (9 trophies)
Imagine a world where stereotypes didn’t exist. Imagine Thugs weren’t perceived to be dirty. Bring it in a suit with no tie or a suit with clean sneakers on.

Imagine schoolboys weren’t perceived to be REAL only in school. Show us your part time, AFTER SCHOOL job.

Imagine Pretty Boys weren’t only self-absorbed but socially conscious. Show us you can can help the hungry while you’re pretty and real.

Imagine Executives aren’t only thinking about money and companies to take over. Go undercover and bring it as an entry level employee from the company you oversee.

Imagine a world where BQ realness didn’t have to fit into any of the four pre-conceived categories but you are definitely Real. Bring us Everyday realness with a snapback on to the back

Imagine Drag realnesses aren’t only thought of as playing in women’s clothes but forgetting they can be between both realms having their cake and eating it too. Bring us a pic of you as a boy and let us judge. Do you look the same?

Imagine Jr Fem Queen realness weren’t perceived to hide behind being a drag realness forever. While your real, bring me a shopping bag with something you bought for your new wardrobe.

Imagine Fem Queens didn’t have a stereotype of being sex workers. Bring us a 9-5 office or day time job look. We should know what it is by looking

Imagine a world where butch realness and transmen weren’t perceived as trying to act too hard. Butch realness bring it with no hat but a flower for your new lady.

Transmen bring it in a pastel shirt and still show us you don’t fall into any stereotype.

Flight 101:New Realness-Never walked vs Never won but you’re definitely REAL

Flight 808: FF Sex Siren vs Body (2 Trophies) Imagine you’re in a saloon and the men are having a shootout. Bring us a sexy Cowgirl or Sheriff look (past, present, or future). For the battles, show them its a woman’s world and you run it.

Flight 100: Beginner's Runway OTA Imagine it’s your world and you can be whatever you want to be in it. Just make sure the walk is on point. No jeans!

Flight 1234: Beginner's Vogue OTA Imagine a world where there is no house affiliation, no chops and you battle at least 2 by 2. If you are the last to battle by yourself your boarding pass is automatically revoked. There is no room for the 3-2-1 girls.

Flight 101: New Face OTA Imagine you are the prince or princess of your fantasy world. Bring all the elements of face before you can be crowned king or queen. Skin, Teeth, Structure, Smile, Attitude.

Flight 415: Best LLS Imagine a world where only 1 person can be called out for LSS and the crowd has picked you. Show us why!

Flight 657: Sneaker vs. Sneaker OTA Imagine a world where there are no Jeremy Scotts, Jordans, Giuseppes, or any sneaker that’s been walked in before. Yours is hot, eye catching, and should be worthy of a display case.

Flight 3017: BQ Streetwear High Fashion vs Urban (2 trophies) Imagine a world where fashion didn’t have limits of masculinity and femininity High fashion bring us a fall/winter 2017/18 look with no hat or no coat with one woman piece of your choice. Urban bring us a Fall/winter 2017/18 look with a book bag. Leave the hat off and the coat at home but put a woman scarf around your neck or head

*********FACE CATEGORIES***********
Flight 371: BQ Face (1 trophy) Helen of Troy was so beautiful its said that her beauty sailed 1000 ships. Imagine once they see your beautiful face it launches 10,000 ships. Bring me a sexy pirate look from your ship to show you know how to pillage your competition.

Flight 7110: Face FQ vs. Woman vs. Drag 3 Trophies
Imagine today is the day you’ve been waiting for all of your life, your wedding day. Bring us a face in a wedding dress (can be creative or traditional) that will melt the heart of your groom and make him say, “I do”.

Flight 223: Big Girl Face Imagine you are the queen of your own fantasy world. Share your world with us and let your beauty shine through.

January 14th 2018
Doors open at 5pm
Campbellton road community center
$30 admission
$25 before 8pm
Free parking before 8pm
Judges list closes at 8pm
Grand prize at 10pm sharp

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2800 Campbellton Rd SW, 30311
14 January , Sunday 17:00

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