First SAMICS Seminar in Boston/USA

This seminars open to anyone who wants to learn SAMI Combat Systems. Participants do not need to have a background in martial arts or self-defense. The course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students and instructors.

With clear concepts, structures and training programs, this seminar

will provide an introduction to these highly effective systems.

Panantukan Concepts has a particular style of groundwork which consists of breaking the opponent's balance (body manipulation), takedowns, bars, and controlling techniques on the ground. The constant changes in the angle and level of the attack are another technical aspect of Panantukan. It is especially attractive due to its comprehensive training concepts, efficiency, speed, dynamics, timing, precision, and its typical flow of action. The training curriculum contains techniques, drills, combinations, kicks, take downs, locks, and sparring.

More details coming soon!!

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