FireBurn(Bad Brains) Piss Poor, Non Fiction, Munchkin Suicide!

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Munchkin Suicide

*About Fire Burn*

Well damn, talk about a hardcore supergroup, right? Fireburn is a brand new band featuring vocalist Israel Joseph I (ex-Bad Brains), drummer Nick Townsend (Deadbeat, Knife Fight), guitarist Todd Jones (Nails,

ex-Terror), and guitarist Todd Youth (ex-Warzone, Danzig, Murphy's Law). Closet Casket Activities has signed the group, and will release its debut EP Don't Stop The Youth on vinyl in September.
Though waiting is for suckers, and you can totally check out the entire EP below! It's exactly as raucous and as much of a throwback to the 1980s punk scene as you'd want it to be.

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109 S 6th St, 83702
04 June , Monday 20:00

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