Fingerstyle Guitar Camp 2018 Spain

I am thrilled to be presenting my first FingerStyle Guitar Camp. It is a 4-day Residential Workshop at a Rural House in El Toboso (Toledo) Spain. This is a non-competitive experience and is totally about immersing oneself in the Joys of Music.
The workshops are specially designed for acoustic and classical

guitar. For guitarists of all ages, of all levels, all interests, from beginners to advanced. Because they maintain a transversal methodology, designed so that you can progress in all the styles and techniques we will work, regardless of your level.
You will share the experience of improving as a guitarist with trained, experienced, and internationally recognize teachers. We will be two instructors: Miguel Rivera, specialist on Fingerstyle, Percussive Guitar and Fernando Perez, expert on guitars and World musical traditions. During these 4 days ,you will participate in our Masterclasses, 8 differentiated Workshops with small groups, Concerts and Jam Sessions.
This Camp will change the way you live the guitar playing. You will practice lots of new techniques, to make your own guitar arrangements. You will improve your Fingerstyle, Percussive Guitar, Travis Picking, Blues, World Music , Arrangements, Improvisation… In short, you will take with you a valuable knowledge to continue improving for a long time after the Course
We are going to enjoy a sensational place in the cozy Rural House “El Paraíso de Don Quijote”, located in El Toboso (Toledo), in the heart of La Mancha. You will be in some of the most important places described by Miguel del Cervantes in his most famous novel “Don Quijote de la Mancha”, a masterpiece of universal literature. Dulcinea del Toboso, is the fictional character and beautiful lady Don Quixote Loves. Her real name is Aldonza Lorenzo, a farmer, strong and not very clean. But DonQuixote idealizes her and sees her as the most beautiful lady in the World.

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Ctra. Miguel Esteban, s/n (Pozo La Cadena), 45820
El Toboso
28 June , Thursday 11:00

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