Finding Nemo

EVERYONE gets a 10 inch Finding Nemo crown no matter what!

Deadline to enter is when I get 9 kids

10 INCH BIG CROWN EVENT~ Finding Nemo Pageant

RoyaltyBeautyPageants Sunday Jan 24 El Dorado,AR Registration - 2:00 Pageant will start at

*Events & Awards

Beauty Wear Required: Girls may wear ANY dress they like, church, flower girl, party, Natural-Glitz, short or long! Contestants will walk the designated pageant area (backwards t formation) and stop at each X to show off their personality and beauty. Babies and small children may be carried or accompanied by an adult. There is no age limit for having a parent go on stage with a contestant, we want the contestants to feel as comfortable as possible while in front of the judges. This competition will be judged on the following: Facial Beauty, Personality

OOC Optional You do not have to enter this it will not count against you: This event should be fun and exciting, wow our judges! You may compete in swim, tropical, or any under the sea type theme. Custom music and props are welcomed, but not required! If you do not have music, we will provide music for you! This competition will be judged on the following: Choice of Attire, Personality, and Beauty. There will be one winner in each age division who will receive a pageant award for this title!

Photogenic: Pick out your favorite photo(s) to bring with you to the pageant. Photos can be Color, B&W, Natural or Glitz depending which pageant you enter! We recommend 8x10 but smaller photos are fine too. NO Frames please! Photos will be judged on eye contact, clarity/quality and overall appeal, please keep that in mind while choosing your photo(s). There will be one winner in each age division who will win a pageant award! All photos will be returned at the end of the pageant along with score sheets!

Most Beautiful: There will be one winner in each age division who will receive a pageant award for this title. Winners will be determined by the facial beauty score from the Beauty wear competition!

Prettiest Dress, Eyes, Hair & Smile: There will be one winner in each age division for each of these four titles. Judges will choose the contestant they feel best represents each title during a divisional group line up. You may win more than one of these titles, if that is who the judges choose!

*Titles & Awards

*Ultimate Grand Supreme - There will be (1) UGS in this pageant. This title goes the the contestant with the highest Scores from beauty wear. Winner receives a Gorgeous 10" inch crown, Embroidered sash, and Robe.

*Grand Supremes - There will be up to (2) Grand Supreme winners in this pageant. These titles go to the the contestants with the highest Score from beauty wear, Under the UGS. Each GS winner receives a Gorgeous 10 inch crown, and Embroidered sash

*Divisional Queens- There will be (1) Queen in each age division. This will be the contestant with the highest beauty wear score in that division. Queens will receive a Gorgeous 10" crown, Embroidered sash

*Princess - All Princess will receive a Gorgeous 10" crown!

Director's Contact Info Morgana Campbell * Phone: (479)518-4782 * Email:


Age Divisions 0-11 months 12-23 months 2-3 years 4-6 years 7-9 years 10-12 years 13-17 years 18+ Please circle ONE. Age divisions are determined by child's age on the DAY OF THE PAGEANT! (No Fall backs)

MC Sheet

Name: ____________________________________________ DOB: ______________________ Age: ______________

Parents: ________________________________________________ Sponsors: _________________________________

Eye Color: _______________________ Hair Color: _______________________ Fav. Color: _____________________

Hobbies: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Fav. Movie: ___________________________Fav Person_________________________________________________

Goals ambitions_______________________

Contact Info

Address: ___________________________________________ City: __________________ State: ______ Zip: __________

Email: _____________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________

I accept Money Order, Money Gram, Western Union, Cash, & Paypal as payment

Make all Payments out to: Morgana Campbell 607 gravel Benton,AR 72015 Paypal address:

Only taking first 10 that pay a $50 deposit

Please X each event you are entering!

_____ $100 ALL EVENTS (beauty wear, optional ooc, photo, most beautiful, prettiest dress, eyes, hair & smile)

_____ $ 5 Each Extra Photo _____ Amount of Extra photos entered 1 photo included in price

I hereby release the Pageant director & her staff, along with the facility where this event is being held, from any & all accidents, injuries, theft or acts of God, that may occur by my choosing to enter this pageant. I understand that I am responsible for both my child & myself and any and all damages that may be caused by my party. I understand that there will be no toleration of bad sportsmanship during this event and Agree that all bad sportsmanship by myself or my party will result in complete disqualification of the pageant and a forfeit of all pageant awards with no refund! All deposits & fees are non refundable unless pageant is cancelled!

Parents Signature: ______________________________

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El Dorado
24 January , Sunday 14:00

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