Feldenkraiz and Academic Art of Riding 19-21 June

”Att göra det omöjliga möjligt, det möjliga enkelt, och det enkla behagligt”
Moshe Feldenkrais

During 19-21 June 09:00 - 10:00 will Barabara McCrea lead one groupclass/ day a 60 min in becoming awere inside yourself thrue Feldenkraiz. The day Continental with ridinglessons with Hanna Engström for

them that have brought a horse or are visiting Ekeskogs Ridingacademy as weekstudents. During the day Barbara is givning individual Feldenkraiz treatments/lessons.
-Groupclass 60 min with Barbara 200:-
(Bring your own youga mat, it can be outside if it is nice wether)
-Individual lesson 60 min with Barbara 800:-
-individual ridinglesson 30 min with Hanna - own horse 700:-
- borrow a shoolhorse 900:-

You choose how much you like to participate. One day, all tree days, with or without horse in combination.

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Ekeskogs 906, 623 75
19 June , Tuesday 09:00

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