FEI lecture: Digital Rock Analysis: Understanding Reservoir Rocks at the Pore-scale (By Arjen Mascini)

Dear students,

We are glad to announce the second lecture of the year organized by SPE students chapter Utrecht. On the 19th of January Arjen Mascini, who studied at the Utrecht University will talk about his tasks as a geologist at a company like FEI (Trondheim, Norway) and FEI as a company in general.

The details, abstract and background of the presenter can be found below. The lecture will be given in the Buysballot Gebouw (room: BBG 065) at 16:00h and will take about 1 hour.
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We hope to see you at the lecture!

Hydrocarbon production is controlled by the ease of hydrocarbons to flow through a reservoir. Thus understanding how rock properties such as porosity, (relative-)permeability and wettability influence the flow of hydrocarbons is key information in the evaluation and development of a field. Until recently, operators relied solely on lab experiments for these rock properties. However, lab measurements on cores can be time consuming and can have ambiguous results.
Driven by advances in 3D pore-scale imaging (micro-Computed X-Ray Tomography, Scanning Electron Microscopy) and computing, Digital Rock Analysis (DRA) provides an alternative to conventional core analysis techniques.
In DRA, the pore-space is reconstructed from 3D microCT images or process-based models. The reconstructed 3D numerical rock model serves as an input for network and grid based calculations for a range of rock properties (e.g. (relative-)permeability, capillary pressure, resistivity index). Finally, an upscaling routine can bring these pore-scale properties to the whole core-scale.

The lecture will cover the background of DRA as well as providing some real examples of how DRA can help operators to better understand their reservoir.

About the Company:
FEI designs, manufactures and supports a broad range of high-performance microscopy (optical, SEM, TEM, FIB-SEM and microCT) workflow solutions that provide images and answers at the micro-, nano- and picometer scales. FEI’s Oil and Gas division is the leading provider of Digital Rock Services, enabling an unprecedented quantitative understanding of reservoir systems at the pore-scale.

About the speaker:
Arjen Mascini obtained his MSc in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University in 2013 with a specialization in earth materials. After graduating, he joined FEI in Trondheim, Norway where he works as a staff geologist. As a geologist his main tasks involve the acquisition and interpretation of SEM and microCT images of reservoir rocks and the reconstruction of pore-space using process-based modeling techniques.

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BBG 065, De uithof, Utrecht
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19 January , Tuesday 16:00