Exercise Carbon Majestic

Exercise Carbon Majestic is a series of individual missions taking place at PRZ in Picton Ontario that focus on teamwork / team building, planning, rapid learning, and problem solving under pressure.

Individuals are placed on small teams and provided with a real-world scenario filled with complex problems

to resolve in order to complete their objective. Units will plan through the five phases of the operation (Insert, Infil, Actions On, Exfil, Extract), rehearse, and work through contingencies before being sent to conduct their pass/fail mission. A thorough debrief will be conducted prior to their next tasking.

Tickets: $90-110 before cutoff, $150 after
Total slots: 60-80

**Individuals will be randomly assigned to a unit. No team signups.
**Review the waiver prior to ticket purchase. (http://bit.ly/blackline-waiver)
**Refunds available up to 72 hours after ticket purchase. No refunds afterwords unless event is cancelled

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POBox 6098 204 Kingsley Road, K0K2T0
20 October , Saturday 12:00

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