ESuperSport in AHRMA Vintage Road Racing at Willow Springs

Join Team Hollywood Electrics as we Race Willow Springs Int'l Raceway on Friday (Practice Day), & Saturday-Sunday (Race Days)!

Watch & Support Electric Zero Motorcycles in the eSuperSport Class by eMotoRacing as well as Vintage Roadracing! Swing by for 1 Day or All 3!

Willow Springs International

3500 75th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560

Gate Fee: $30/three days, $25/two days, $15/one day.
Contact Hollywood Electrics for info if you'd like to Race (Not a Track Day).

More Details here:

This is the closest track to Los Angeles where you can see Modern Electric Motorcycles get after it, as well as appreciate the Vintage scream of these Classic Motorcycles & SideCars:

500 Premier: 500cc four-stroke OHV or OHC, and 750cc sidevalve machines built before December 31, 1968.

500 Grand Prix: 500 Premier-type bikes with the additional restrictions of 285 lbs. dry weight, stock piston stroke and maximum five-speed gearboxes.

350 Grand Prix: 350cc four-strokes; 350cc air-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; 250cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; and 250cc air-cooled, twin-cylinder two-strokes, manufactured before December 31, 1968.

250 Grand Prix: 250cc four-strokes; 250cc air-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; 175cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; and 175cc air-cooled, twin-cylinder two-strokes, manufactured before December 31, 1968.

200 Grand Prix Plus: This class combines a variety of engine designs and displacements between 125cc and 250cc, based on an index of performance.

Formula 750: Works 750cc four-stroke machines, including accurate replicas of Formula 750 machines of the early 1970s. Also includes machines not eligible for Sportsman 750.

Formula 500: Two-stroke and certain four-stroke machines up to 500cc, grouped on an index-of-performance basis, with a December 31, 1972, cutoff.

Formula 250: Two-stroke air-cooled machines, including singles up to 360cc and twins up to 250cc, with a December 31, 1972, cutoff.

Formula 125: Air-cooled, twin-shock, steel-framed Grand Prix motorcycles up to 125cc, plus certain GP-kitted street and enduro machines.

Formula Vintage: Open to machines eligible for 500 Premier, 500 Grand Prix, Formula 750, Formula 500 and Sportsman 750; other specific models are eligible, see the Handbook for the list.

BEARS®: The British European American Racing Series for certain two-cylinder machines built up through 1968 and competing under Formula 750 specifications.

Class C: Intended for AMA “Class C” machines up to and including those manufactured December 31, 1951, as a ‘51 model.

Class C Handshift is a championship class run together with, but scored separately from, Class C.

Pre-1940 Grand Prix: 1940-and-earlier Grand Prix or modified street machines, including 500cc single-cylinder OHV and OHC and 750cc sidevalve machines.

Classic Sixties: A class for 1960 and earlier (or like model) Grand Prix/Clubman 350-500cc four-stroke OHV and OHC machines, or 750cc sidevalve, in basically standard form.

Classic Sixties 650 is open to 1960s-era 650cc OHV and 883cc sidevalve machines.

Sportsman: Streetbike-based four-stroke machines manufactured prior to December 31, 1972, divided into 350cc, 500cc and 750cc classes.

Novice Historic Production: Novice riders on 1972-and-earlier production street machines with the standard OEM frame, swingarm, forks and handlebar mounts. Engines use the original OEM bore and stroke. Classes are Lightweight (four-strokes up to 500cc, 250cc two-strokes and certain 350cc two-strokes) and Heavyweight (four-strokes up to 750cc and 350-500cc two-strokes).

Vintage Sidecar (SC1): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, one- or two-cylinder, two- or four-stroke, built before December 31, 1967. Two-stroke piston-port only, 350cc maximum. Four-stroke, 650cc overhead valve and 750cc sidevalve maximum.

Stock Production Sidecar (SC2): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, one- or two-cylinder, two- or four-stroke engines, built before December 31, 1972. Two-stroke, piston-port only, 500cc maximum. Four-stroke, 750cc maximum.

Lost Era Sidecar (SC3): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, two- or three-cylinder two-stroke, two-, three- or four-cylinder four-stroke engines, built before December 31, 1977. Two-stroke, piston-port or reed-valve, 550cc maximum. Four-stroke, 836cc maximum, two valves per cylinder.

Formula Classic Sidecar (SC4): Front- or rear-exit sidecars. Air- or water-cooled, two- or four-stroke engines, built before December 31, 1982. Two-stroke, 900cc maximum. Four-stroke, 1300cc maximum; multi-valve engines permitted.

Modern Sidecar F1 & F2 run under FIM rules.

Vintage Superbike: Three classes for motorcycles built up to model-year 1982, retaining as close to “production” appearance as possible. Classes are Heavyweight (unlimited displacement twins and pushrod triples, and displacement-limited fours and sixes), Middleweight (unlimited displacement singles, with limited pushrod twins, OHC twins, pushrod triples and OHC fours) and Lightweight (smaller singles, twins and multis, using a performance index).

Next Gen Superbike: Superbikes based on late 1980s to model-year 1992 US-model production bikes.

Next Gen 2: 1990s to early-2000s US Superbikes.

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3500 75th St W, 93560
27 April , Friday 07:00

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