Empty The Tanks - Gold Coast, Australia.

Welcome to the 4th annual Empty The Tanks Rally.

Empty the Tanks is an annual worldwide protest and public awareness campaign against the cetacean captivity industry. Empty the Tanks is not a radical movement demanding the release of all captive marine mammals into the wild. Some of these animals might

be great candidates for release, but those that are not should be retired into sea pens, where they can enjoy the rest of their days in natural seawater, feeling the waves of the ocean around them. They should not be worked until their last breath is taken and then thrown out like trash and replaced.
For more information please visit @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vd3d3LmVtcHR5dGhldGFua3Mub3JnLzo6:www.emptythetanks.org]

On May 7th 2016, peaceful gatherings and educational events will be held all over the world. The aim is to highlight the cruel and lucrative industry of keeping these sentient gentle souls behind the bars of concrete tanks in the name of education under the guise of entertainment. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! We need your voices, your slogans and your dedication to seeing an end to the business of keeping dolphins in captivity.

It’s hard to imagine that a dolphin doing flips at SeaWorld is in pain but in reality, these animals are suffering. Dolphins are self-aware beings with individual personalities and a rich inner life. They have the ability to think abstractly, feel deeply and choose their actions. Their lives are characterized by close, long-term relationships with conspecifics in communities characterised by culture. The whales and dolphins you see at captive facilities are often violently captured in the wild, separated from their families, and forced to perform for crowds thousands of miles away. Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent animals who suffer acute sensory deprivation when they’re confined. While in captivity, they experience numerous physical and psychological problems that they wouldn’t otherwise in the wild. In the wild dolphins have highly complex social lives that cannot be recreated in a lagoon or concrete pool. Captive dolphins don't have the freedom to express normal behaviour, a main principle for animal welfare. These sensitive, majestic animals deserve to be treated with respect, not confined to excruciatingly small spaces and forced to perform tricks.

Films like The Cove and Blackfish are leading the way and are helping the public gain clarity and with awareness support for captivity is waning. It appears the public has found some direction as the real story behind captivity spreads, no longer controlled by an industry led narrative manufactured by Sea World and other captive facilities. Dolphins belong to no one, and to no country, and their exploitation is of legitimate concern to everyone, including the public who must realise that nothing - not profit, not education, not conservation - can justify keeping these large, social, intelligent beings in small confined spaces.

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Gold Coast
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07 May , Saturday 11:00