Emergence - Eclectica Stage Show at Rainbow Serpent Festival

A multi sensory stage show experience that reveals the doorways of evolution and personal empowerment.

A compelling fusion of dance, spoken word, storytelling, and dynamic visual expression to take onlookers on a journey of liberation and self revelation.

Eclectica will present an exhilarating tale

of self discovery,.
The audience will follow the story of a girl called Enya, as she embarks on a journey of emergence.
She will be Witnessed as she explores her inner truth through cosmic worlds and dimensions, shedding her layers of conditioning and freeing herself of ego.

Experience her as she is guided and unlocked into a deeper space of self knowing and remembrance.

Onlookers will experience the enchantment of her imagination and reflect on the unveiling of her divine potential. Follow as she explores and unlocks the gateways of consciousness.

This performance will be held on the Fiasco Stage on Saturday night at 9pm.

photo credit to Fotobiotic at Earthcore

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Jack Smiths Lane, 3352
27 January , Saturday 21:00

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