EMBO Workshop on Endoplasmic reticulum function

The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a complex intracellular organelle bordered by a single continuous membrane. It is the entry site into the secretory pathway allowing folding and maturation of the vast majority of secreted and membrane proteins. Moreover, the ER synthesizes most cellular lipids. The

ER is also extremely important in regulating calcium homeostasis and actively maintains gradients for various small molecules across its membrane. By forming the nuclear envelope, the ER impacts on nuclear organization and genomic integrity. Indeed, mutations causing a reduction in ER functions have been reported to play a role in a variety of genetic diseases including neurodegeneration, diabetes and cancer. Recent studies have revealed that the ER is tightly associated with multiple other cellular organelles and these studies are unraveling new and unexpected functions for the ER. The objective of this EMBO workshop is to bring together people from all the different disciplines of ER research. By integrating the knowledge accumulated in the different fields, it will allow the emergence of a new, more holistic understanding of the ER.

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21 October , Sunday 13:00

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