Education is a Right Day of Action: Rally at the Legislature

We are grateful to organize this event on unceded Lekwungen and WSANEC territories.

Students are fighting back against increasing tuition fees and student debt!

Join hundreds of students at a rally on the BC Legislature lawn and tell the BC Government that Education is a Right! We will be dropping

off thousands of your petition signatures demanding that BC and Canada follow through on the 1976 UN Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights which recognized education at all levels as a human right.

Tentative Schedule:
10am - Bus Loading - Student Union Building
11am - March from Centennial Square to Legislature Lawn
12:00pm - Speeches from student leaders and allies
1pm - Live music on the Legislature Lawn

Student debt is making us the most indebted generation in history. Canadian student debt is now upwards of $20 Billion dollars, with students in BC graduating with an average of $35,000 for an undergraduate degree.

Since the federal funding cuts of the 1990s, an increasing proportion of the cost of post-secondary education has been passed on to students.

Government grants used to cover up to 80 percent of an institution’s operating budget nearly 30 years ago, they now cover roughly 50 percent, with tuition fees making up the difference.

In the last fifteen years, tuition fees have become one of the largest expenses for university and college students, increasing, on average, over five times the rate of inflation. High tuition fees limit access to post-secondary education for students from low- and middle-income backgrounds.

At their current rate of increase, tuition fees are estimated to exceed all other student expenses combined in five years.

It's time to stand together as a communtiy to let the government know that we have had enough, and that Education is a Right!

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Student Union Building 3800 Finnerty Road, V8P 5C2
03 February , Wednesday 11:00

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