Early School Leaving - Breaking the Pattern

Early School Leaving - a European problem

On average, the unemployment rate of early school leavers in the EU is 40.1%, compared to 23.2% overall youth unemployment. This tendency is creating an obstacle to economic growth and employment which fuels poverty and social exclusion. The EU workforce is

shrinking, which makes it even more important to ensure that as many people as possible are able to acquire the necessary skills to be able to contribute to the labour market. The reasons for tackling early school leaving is not only due to financial issues, but is also a social responsibility, as for most, leaving school early will lead to fewer employment opportunities, subsequently leading to an increased likelihood of poverty, increased risk of early pregnancy, drug abuse, criminal activity and psychological problems. Tackling early school leaving is therefor also a stepping stone towards improving the opportunities of young people and for supporting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Helping troubled children and youths conform to the classroom environment

Creating a school environment where students who have problems conforming to the classroom situation, or even struggle with social or other problems, is one of the first steps that are needed. Early school leavers are stigmatised by the negative image of being losers, which helps to reinforce these young peoples’ negative self-image. Treating these youths with respect and an appreciative attitude can do wonders, but this in not always enough. Learning effective strategies for inclusive pedagogies is a must, for the successful implementation of early school leaving programmes.
The course, Early School Leaving – Breaking the Pattern, will give participants the opportunity to learn about the norm breaking approach to early school leaving, as well as take part in discussions and role play different scenarios, when dealing with troubled teenagers. The participants will also get hands on experience with inclusive and motivating methodologies, approaches and forms of assessment which should support pupils with different needs and whose use in education should prevent early school leaving.

Hands-on approach and learning by doing

The course, Early School Leaving – Breaking the Pattern, has a hands-on approach and we encourage our learners to participate proactively throughout the course, which will be delivered in English. The course is based on a strong theory which leads towards a practical approach combining teachers from different parts of Europe into a network of colleagues, who will enjoy the benefits of cooperating inside and outside of the classroom - during and after the course. The practical workshops are based on collaborative work within the group of European teachers.
A mailing list of participants will be created at the end of the course, in order to exchange ideas/experiences.

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29 March , Tuesday 09:30

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