DrainThatPain, Brisbane

295 USD. Pay at PayPal.me/joannacameron. Joannacameron05@gmail.com. The one-day group training, which also uses volunteers aims to have every trainee experience, practice and learn it first-hand covers:

Pain. Background information. The Power of Intention, the Quantum self, John Sarno, Rupert Sheldrake,

Bob Burns, Steven Blake
The PreTalk with the client. Measuring pain with numbers. Making pain into a verb - paining, arthriting etc. We are all energetically connected. Pain as a message. The difference between past pain and new pain
Conscious and Unconscious Dissociation – setting up communication with both minds
The use of Metaphor and examples
Understanding a client’s emotional story – simplicity – relevant words, body language
Signaling with the Unconscious Mind
Negotiating and Reframing the Unconscious/Conscious Mind
Use of the Time Line for dissociation and getting to the Initial Sensitizing event
Releasing that pain
Surrender and switches
Working with groups
Paperwork, marketing
All trainees will join a Facebook group where the teaching continues

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Brisbane, Australia
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22 April , Sunday 09:00