Dracula Tour to Transylvania Halloween 2018

For the ultimate haunted horror experience, "Dracula Tour" is the unique travel adventure which takes you to Eastern Europe's most infamous land of the unholy, Transylvania (in Romania). For one wonderfully weird & wicked week, experience the definitive haunted horror holiday travel adventure with fellow

fans, friends & fiends of the macabre on an unforgettable vacation that is scary, spooky, sexy, campy and fun for all ages!

October 27 - November 3, 2018

Dracula Tour is the only true fully-escorted `vampire vacation` professionally organized by fans especially for fans. This annual pilgrimage to the actual Transylvania, in Romania, is presented by "Tours of Terror." Dracula Tour follows Jonathan Harker`s trail from the novel `Dracula,` while throwing in all sorts of splendidly spooky surprises along the way. There is a mock witch trial with professional Romanian actors, visits to haunted graveyards and time spent in the world’s largest and oldest tools of torture museum. There is both educational and entertainment value as the tour includes historical Bran Castle, Clock Tower, the Black Church, Vlad`s birthplace, the one and only true Vlad`s castle (also known as the fortress ruins) and even the island monastery where Vlad is buried. It`s the perfect cool combination of fun and fear, for anyone looking for an unusual week long ghoulish getaway. Vampires, vampire fans and even vampire slayers are all equally welcome, and all get along harmoniously on this travel adventure. Check out the itinerary for more exact details.

The highlight of the Dracula Tour is undoubtedly spending an exquisite, enchanted night at Dracula`s Castle. All travelers dress in their scariest/sexiest/ most outrageous/best costumes, eat a lavish multi-course meal, experience a vampire (?) show, descend to the dungeon of the castle where the coffin lies waiting, dance to appropriate macabre music (everything from The Monster Mash to Rocky Horror to Rob Zombie to Sisters of Mercy to Phantom of The Opera), partake in the moonlit bonfire with hors douvres and complimentary brandy, and simply have the times of their lives! Each year one couple takes the experience one step further by getting married on Halloween with the ceremony and reception at Dracula's Castle, and all travelers are guests at this unique wedding! Whereas most couples kiss after their cake-cutting ceremony, this bride & groom usually bite each other`s necks (lovingly, of course). For the Halloween tour, we spend Halloween night in Draculas Castle, on the Summer version of the tour, we recreate Halloween night there! There's more head-turning than in an Exorcist movie!

What better place to spend a haunted holiday than in Transylvania, where wolves howl at the moon, where small boats still cross moats to looming castles -- and where a group of travelers have the time of their lives getting scared silly. This is Eastern Europe, a land that time forgot, home to a special & creepy yet romantic place known as Transylvania. It`s not a mythical land as some believe where locals need silver bullets, crosses or cloves of garlic to survive. In fact, this is a land that may be home to a Dracula-themed amusement park within a few years. But it still maintains the lure for fans and travelers who conjure up all the romantic and sexy images of what the mind would picture Transylvania to be.

For more information please email dractours@aol.com or call (203) 795-4737

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27 October , Saturday 14:00

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