Dr. Mark Ragins May 12, 2016 | Lethbridge Coast Hotel: The Recovery Model: Vision and Substance

The Recovery Model: Vision and Substance

Throughout this workshop, Dr. Ragins will discuss:

Different conceptual models of recovery and how they apply to working with people with severe mental illnesses

How the three core recovery transformations (from illness centered to person centered, from professionally-driven

to client-driven collaboration, and from deficit-based to strengths-based building resilience) impact how we see our clients and our treatment plans

Break down the process of recovery into three stages that people go through as they move from a river of suffering to reintegration into the community (engagement, rebuilding, and arriving), along three dimensions (personal, relationships, and roles)

How to track people’s progress in recovery and use specifically targeted person-centered interventions to promote their recovery

How recovery-based programs and a comprehensive recovery-based system of care can be developed.

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12 May , Thursday 09:00

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