Unsure of which way to go or what to choose? Did you know that you can use your body to get answers and make decisions? Your body is an instrument of truth and you can access its wisdom to get answers to your dilemmas. You will use the body’s intelligence to access wisdom from your Higher Self. Perhaps

you want to know what food is best for your body, whether to end or continue a relationship, whether to stay or leave your current job, what healing modality will be most compatible or what the perfect gift is to buy for someone. In this awesome workshop, you will learn to use your hands, heart and feelings to get answers from your Higher Self. You will learn to come into a still place within, formulate the best questions and dowse the answer. Dowsing is often done using a tool, such as a pendulum, but I will show you how to get answers more quickly and with greater confidence in the accuracy of the outcome. These techniques are also more discrete than a pendulum (although I have been known to whip out a pendulum in a pharmacy to test whether a supplement was beneficial for me or not; it wasn’t). Come along as we explore dowsing with the body as you communicate with your Higher Self to get the answers you need.

I am so big on transformation after my own metaphysical life changing experiences. The transformation has been so dramatic that it feels like I’m living a new life. In 2014 I was receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer when, half way through treatment, I was instantly headed by divine intervention. My brother had died a few months previous to the diagnosis (this was the emotional trigger of the cancer, along with poor diet, no exercise and negative thinking). I had a 2.5 year old son, no hair, was grief-stricken and in a state of hopelessness. In an instant of satori, I was healed and my life was transformed into a state of hopefulness and my hands also started to channel healing energy. This was an incredible experience that I will always be truly grateful for. And now, after years of inner journeying, I share these gifts of transformation with you.

Say “yes” to success and sign up for a powerful journey of inner exploration, enlightenment, healing and abundance. This workshop is a part of a series being run in 2018. Below you’ll find the calendar of transformative events so you can plan ahead.

Event specifics:

When is it? Saturday 10th November 2018

What time do you start? Sharply at 9 am and finishing at 1 pm

Where do I go? Aroca Healing Centre, Unit 3/7 Finlay Place, Wangara

Where do I park? Parking is available at the front of the building

What do I need to bring? Your amazing self and your Eventbrite ticket

Other details:

To make sure you get good value for money from these workshops, we’ll have two short 15 minute breaks. Vegan snacks and organic teas will be available at these times. Please bring your own food if you require something more substantial. Please arrive 10 minutes early to register and get settled. At Aroca, people remove their shoes and leave them near the front door as they enter. Feedback forms will be given out at the end of the workshop and your comments will be greatly appreciated.


Refunds are available 30 days prior to the event date. Please contact me if it's less than 30 days because, if there is someone on the waiting list who can take your ticket, then you will receive a full refund less 20% administration fee. Alternatively, you’re welcome to transfer the ticket to someone else (please message to let us know).

Public transport:

If you need to catch public transport, you can plan your journey here:

Individual Energy Healing Treatment Sessions are Available with Sue in Craigie:

Mondays and Wednesdays

9:30 am – 10:30 am

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Contact Sue to organise your transformative healing today. Your investment is $150 (including GST) per session. You may be eligible to claim psychological services from your private health insurer depending on your level of cover. To claim a rebate you need to ensure that you are covered by ancillary benefits insurance (extras). It is advised that you contact your insurer to confirm your eligibility and rebate entitlement. Please pay your account in full and then you can take your receipt to your private health insurer for a rebate on psychological services. Medicare rebated services are unavailable.

Modalities Sue works in:

Vibrational healing: Reiki Usui, Reiki Tummo, tuning forks, drumming
Assessment of energy system, including chakras and biofield
Intuitive counselling: forgiveness, gratitude, intention, prayer
Affirmations: To change thoughts and manifest your heart’s desires
Meditation and visualisation
EFT (aka Emotional Freedom Technique, meridian tapping)
Emotional integration / inner child work
Reprogramming subconscious beliefs and patterns
Pendulum healing– Reiki healing attunement
Dreamwork– Oracle card reading
Dowsing: Pendulum, heart attunement, getting answers and making decisions
Creative expression (through writing, colour, drawing)
Ho’Oponopono (reconciliation and forgiveness)
Laughter Yoga

Contact details:

Dr Sue Miller

0422 515 255

All questions are welcome and I will reply as soon as possible.

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7 Finlay Place #3, 6065
10 November , Saturday 09:00

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