Doggie Derby at Baldwin Park

In its simplest terms, the Doggie Derby is a 25-yard race between dogs of equal size. If your dog wins, he or she moves on to race again until only two are left in any weight class. The winner of this race is the champion of his or her weight class. The winners of each weight class can also race for

the title of Doggie Derby Grand Champion. Whether your dog is a Yorkie or a Great Dane, all dogs can participate, and half of the fun is watching the underdog come out on top. French bulldogs have as much of a chance of winning as greyhounds when their owners are at the finish line cheering (or perhaps coaxing) them to victory. And let’s face it; sometimes it’s just as fun to see whether dogs will even finish the race. Some run sideways, and others prefer lounging at the starting line. Some even get all the way to the finish line, do an about-face, and run back to the start. You just never know what these guys will do. And that’s what makes it so much fun!

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1913 Meeting Place Orlando FL 32814
adress is not specified
05 March , Saturday 17:00