Does self-interest make our world better? - Seminar on Objectivism

Have you ever wondered whether capitalism and self-interest are immoral? Yaron Brook, the President and Director of the Ayn Rand Institute has, and therefore published numerous academic works to express his support towards objectivism, a philosophy developed by Ayn Rand. In his book "Free Market Revolution:

How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government", Yaron Brook, tried to justify capitalism, self-interest, war and much more.

This January, Yaron Brook is coming to Hong Kong! This is the second seminar organized by Students For Liberty - Hong Kong Chapter. (See the first here:!liberal-youth-seminar/mhu22) This time, we are delighted to announce that the Politics and Public Administration Association SSS HKUSU from The University of Hong Kong is co-organizing with us!

This seminar will feature Yaron Brook and Carl Barney, Founder of the Objectivist Venture fund and the Chairman of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education. It will definitely be a mind-blowing one, and the way that you look into life will never be the same.
Featuring guests:

- Yaron Brook (Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute)

- Carl Barney (Founder of the Objectivist Venture Fund and the Chairman of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education)

- Robert Garmong (Professor of Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Dalian)

Apply here:!objectivism-seminar/ic82w

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KK102, K.K. Leung Building, HKU
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27 January , Wednesday 19:00