DMZ & Seoraksan Weekender May 5th-7th

Join Enjoy Korea as we head up north to the Gangwan province for an epic weekend at the beautiful Sokcho beach, Seoraksan National Park and visit the border of South and North Korea…the DMZ!

We’ll be visiting the less commercialized area of the DMZ which has a more authentic untouched feel. Our day

at the DMZ starts off at the 4th underground tunnel that was dug by the North Korean military. The tunnel’s sole purpose was to enable North Korea to plan a surprise attack on South Korea. Despite the tunnel being dug before the war broke out, it was only found in 1990. In this tunnel there’s a small train which takes us directly under the DMZ. We also have English speaking Korean military that give this portion of the tour.

Our next stop on our DMZ tour is the Eulji Observatory Post. At the top of the observatory, 1000 meters above sea level, visitors can enjoy the stunning 360 panorama of the Punch Bowl (it was given it’s name by an unknown foreign wire correspondent during the war while tagging along on a helicopter ride because of it’s shape). The Punch Bowl was home to some of the bloodiest battles during the Korean War. From the Observatory post, you can also view North Korea in the distance.

After our visit to the Observatory post we make the short journey to Yanggu, a small town just a few kilometers away from the North Korean border. We end our DMZ tour with a visit to Dutayeon, which has been closed off to civilians for the past 50 years after the war. It was only in 2006 that the civilian control line was open to the public. To gain access, visitors must apply with the Department of Culture and Tourism at least three days in advance. Enjoy Korea will take care of that for you.

Just before entering, we will have to go through a military checkpoint where armed guards will do one last security check and everyone will be given a GPS tracker (very Hunger Games). Once in, you can walk the trails that lie alongside a beautiful stream and explore the area yourself. Deep within the forest, remains of the war can be seen such as rusted shell casings, dead mines, and helmets punctured with bullet holes.

The beach at Sokcho is a great spot to spend a sunny spring afternoon. It has clear water, white sand and a pine forest backdrop. It’s a short walk into the town of sokcho and has lots of marts nearby.

Seoroksan National Park is considered by many, to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Korea. In the spring, Seorkasan comes alive and has many beautiful trails to suit all levels with waterfalls, gorgeous trees and stunning views.

Some of the main attractions in the park are Ulsanbawi peak, Biryong Waterfall and Geumganggul Cave in which a monk actually lives. There is also a cable car which runs to Gwongeumseong Fortress, taking about 10 minutes to ascend to the top. The views are absolutely breathtaking. In addition to the gorgeous nature, there are beautiful temples, and a giant Buddha statue.

Our hotel in Sokcho just outside Seoraksan National Park has a variety of outdoor hot tubs with stunning views of the national park as well as an indoor swimming pool, so you can relax the evening away. There are lots of restaurants nearby with a new craft beer place opened up next door. For those who want to grab some dinner and explore Sokcho we’ll also be running a shuttle for the short distance into the town.

Each morning an ‘all-you can eat’ buffet breakfast with both western and Korean items is served at the hotel which is included in the trip price.

This trip includes:
- Round trip transportation from your city
- Entry and registration into Dutayeon
- Entry and registration into Eulji Observatory Post
- Entry and registration into the 4th underground tunnel and train ride
- Entry into Seoraksan National Park
- 2 nights stay in nice spa hotel in Sokcho (Ondol Style)
- 1 entry into the hotel’s indoor & outdoor spa with hot tubs and pool
- All you can eat breakfast buffet each morning
- Transportation into Sokcho town and Sokcho beach
- A trip leader and all the fun and organisation you’d expect from an Enjoy Korea trip.

Like we said…Epic Weekend!

The Early Bird prices for all this are only...
Busan – 157,000
Changwon - 158,000
Daegu - 156,000
Daejeon – 155,000
Seoul – 159,000
Spaces are limited please book early to avoid disappointment.

RESERVATIONS -To reserve your spot transfer funds to the account below or use Paypal:

KEB Hana Bank
Acc No: 429-910301-13107
Name: 김스테이시 (인조이코리아)

PAYPAL: The amount payable in USD is the cost of the trip in Korean Won divided by 1,000. For example, if the price is 189,000krw, it will be $189.

Then visit our website to complete registration.

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Departure Times/Locations: Coming soon

We will depart from Seoraksan at 4 p.m. We aim to be back in Busan by 9.30pm, Changwon by 10.30pm, Daegu by 9pm, Daejeon by 10pm and Seoul by 7.30pm.

Cancellation Policy
- No transferring spots
- Cancel before the trip sells out - 100% refund (5,000w admin charge)
- Cancel after the trip sells out - 75% refund
- Cancel 10 days or less before the departure date – No refunds can be issued, sorry.

Due to the sensitive security issues surrounding the DMZ, it can be closed to the public with no notice. This is unlikely, however if this were to happen for this trip, we would replace the DMZ portion of the trip with other activities in the region.

We do our absolute best to adhere to the itinerary and schedule stated. However, there may be factors outside of our control such as busy traffic or unforeseen circumstances with third party companies, which may force us to alter our schedule slightly.

Enjoy Korea is not liable in any way for any injuries, damage or loss suffered during the trip. You are responsible for your own safety. If you wish to take out travel insurance this is your responsibility. All activities are suggested and not compulsory, you have the right to not participate in any activity.

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