Digital Strategies for Business Growth (Tourism & SMEs)

The course introduces participants to the fundamentals and business relevance of digital, mobile and online platforms. It will introduce the VCP concept of acquiring, retaining & extending customer base through search engine optimisation, digital advertising, social media and online marketing. The course

will equip participants with the technical skills needed to manage successful businesses in the digital age at minimal costs.

The purpose of this course is to provide an actionable framework for analyzing, designing and implementing targeted brand awarenes campaigns (that generate revenue) on readily available social media and other online platforms, The course will critically analyse and provide solutions to the challenges preventing many businesses from taking advantage of the vast publicity opportunities offered by these FREE online platforms.

Who Should attend:

This one-day course is aimed at businesses or individuals seeking to improve bottom line profitability through cost-effective digital strategies.

The course is also suitable for industry entrants seeking new careers within Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing / Management and/or Search Engine Optimisation.

Tourism & Travel, Hotels
Information Technology
Marketing & Public Relations
Churches & Religious Organisations
Entrepreneurs & Self Employed
Restaurants & Bars
Non-Profit Organisations
Small Businesses



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4th August 2017 / 8:00am - 18.30pm

MacKinnon Suites, 1 MacKinnon Road, Nakasero Kampala

Training Fees:
Early bird: 360,000 UGX (Register by 10th July)
Standard: 500,000 UGX


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Bank: Bank of India (Uganda) Ltd
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Note: Only paid delegates will be fully registered.


Course Description:

With the emergence of social media and advancements in technology, individuals are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before; accessing social media and online content. Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes from 1.79 billion users on Facebook, 3.5 billion searches on Google and 95 million photos & videos uploaded to Instagram. As such, social media platforms and search engines generate a huge amount of data about potential/current customers in real time — who they are, where they are, what they like, how they buy and how they feel about your brand. There are no better avenues to provide easy access to business content, products and services for such customers than these, which they are already accustomed to. With the sheer amount of targets to potentially reach out to on these platforms, it would be detrimental to disregard the potential increase in both revenue and brand visibility that is possible through digital and social media marketing.

When combined with Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can generate around 25% more business revenue. Search is the primary driver of traffic to content websites, beating social media by more than 300%. According to research, 93% of online experiences and Internet usage begin with a keyword search; making search engines a focal point for online lead generation. It is estimated that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to outbound leads (such a direct mail or print advertising), which have a 1.7% close rate. All considered it is apparent that businesses need clear strategies, like those offered on this course to remain relevant in the digital age or risk being overtaken by competitors.

This session will unearth practical solutions and strategies for utilising SEO techniques, social media and other IT platforms towards customer acquisition & retention, increased brand awareness, increased sales & revenue. It will provide an opportunity for start ups and SMEs without technical expertise to cost-effectively acquire hands-on, practical training on some of the skills required to run successful SEO, Digital & Social Media marketing campaigns that improve business revenue.

Learning outcome

Participants will gain first-rate taught and practical experiences from industry leading trainers through lectures, workshops, DIY sessions & use of real-time case studies. Specifically, individuals will learn to:

• Create digital strategies with high ROI that are closely aligned to the core business objectives.
• Increase online visibility and bottom-lne profitability through search engine optimisation.
• Design and implement targeted marketing and content delivery with real-time results
• Acquire, retain and extend customers through digital avenues
• Generate higher converting leads via social media & new media platforms
• Provide rich customer experiences through creation of engaging content
• Increase website traffic and search ranking through practical, industry-standard search engine optimisation techniques.
• Acquire new skills for entry into a new industry as a Digital Marketer/SEO Consultant.
• Stay up to date with the latest trends in the digital, social & mobile marketing industry

Benefits & ROI

Increased Revenue, Reduced costs
Digital marketing delivers a higher ROI than other traditional forms of marketing, mainly by generating higher conversion rates in relation to initial costs. A well-planned and implemented digital strategy can significantly improve revenue and reduce operational costs. Organisations save £6,000 / annum on average by undertaking DIY SEO & Digital marketing.

Real-time Customer Services
Through daily active engagement, organisations can respond quicker to customer requirements and through social listening, gain valuable insights that aid smarter business decisions.

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
Connecting with customers online makes it easier to find your products and services, increase top of mind brand awareness, customer retention and brand loyalty.

Improved Competitive Advantage:
Digital marketing, Search Engines & Social media all provide level playing grounds for businesses as the cost of participation is relatively low or FREE. It keeps you at par with rivals, allowing competition with even the largest corporations. With social media monitoring you can gain key information about your competitors, allowing you to make strategic business decisions.

Create Visibility and Build Credibility that Increase Profitability by engaging consumers effectively on several media platforms that they utilise daily.

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Mackinnon road, Nakasero, 194
04 August , Friday 08:00

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