DanceStar Bulgaria Qualifiers 2018

We invite you to come and experience the DanceStar Qualifiers in Bulgaria which will take place on 31. 03. 2018 in Sofia.

DanceStar is a synonym for top-quality worldwide dance competitions with the grand finale - DanceStar World Finals - which is being held this year from 23. - 27.05. in Poreč, Croatia.

In addition to all the seminars, workshops and other educational activities that DanceStar World Finals offers, just having pure fun is a major part of our world. That is why every year we organize unforgettable parties with the world-know DJs under the warm summer sky.

The highlight of the event is certainly the Gala Night. The dancing spectacle where the best dancers from DanceStar Qualifiers 2018 have a chance to show their astonishing talents and win prestigious awards.

You'll be amazed by how much DanceStar 2018 has to offer.

DanceStar Bulgaria Qualifiers is opening doors to all amateur and professional dancers. Any dance school, academy, crew or individual can participate and take a chance to represent Austria on the DanceStar World Finals in Poreč with an all-expense paid.

Tempting right? :) Click here to register now!

Don't miss registrations deadline which will remain open until 31st of February!

We look forward to meeting you all in Sofia! :)

If you are interested in these seasons Qualifying Tournaments that will take place in other countries please check:

Bucharest, Romania 24.02.2018. till 25.02.2018.
Cluj-Napoca , Romania 03.03.2018
Opatija, Croatia 09.03.2018 till 11.03.2018
Nitra, Slovakia 10.03.2018 till 11.03.2018
Nagykanizsa, Hungary 24.03.2018
Manilla, Philippines 24.03.2018 till 25.03.2018
Sofia, Bulgaria 31.3.2018
Villach, Austria 07.04.2018 till 08.04.2018
0 Hour Qualifier, Poreč 21.05.2018 till 22.05.2018

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Jadranski Trg 1, 51000
31 March , Saturday 08:00

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