Cycles at Intrinzik | Montrose, CO

Montrose, CO

Ages: 21+
Tickets: $5

The Denver-based power trio, Cycles, comprised of Patrick Harvey (guitar), Michael Wood (drums), and Tucker McClung (bass/vocals) are on a musical mission to melt your mind. Self-described as “psychedelic rock fusion”, Cycles effortlessly

blends rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and much more creating a versatile soundscape that makes each live show different than the last.
Striving for variety in each set, Cycles carefully construct a live show designed to thrill. Each member brings a special set of skills and influences to the table. Living in the same house together and practicing hours upon hours each day has created a profound chemistry between the band members that truly shines through in the live setting. Tucker McClung is a powerful commander of the bass who never shies away from applying the melodic nature of the instrument all the while leading the show with compelling vocals. Michael Wood, with his tight and jazzy drum beats, works tirelessly to keep the band on track through intricate tempo changes and wide-open space. Patrick Harvey’s dominating guitar shred is what completes the band’s sound and often drives them to take the jams into outer space.

NEW ALBUM! “Vacation”
Self-Titled EP, “Cycles”
“Get Out Of Your Head” ft. Justin Canavan
Live from The Fox Theatre
Live from Durango, CO
Live from The Scarlet

“Sunday Night Horror Story”
“Tucker’s Pet Weed”


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512 East Main Street, 80401
17 August , Thursday 21:00

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