CW Friendship First Horsemanship Demonstration

My New Years resolution is 'Teaching People To Be More Horse'

This is my first demonstration of the new year showing how Horses & Humans can work in Harmony
By building a relationship with trust, boundaries, leadership & communication

I'll be with a few of my horses demonstrating my groundwork & riding

skills that really work to make any relationship with horses a really enjoyable journey for everyone including the horse

Although I ride predominantly western nowadays, my friendship first horsemanship and balance seat riding demo is designed for all horses and riders in any discipline and at any level

I train both horses and humans to work together with trust and respect for one another and to use more space and body language rather than restrictions and controls.
My horses are able to demonstrate how this really works if you understand their need for space and trust rather than our overriding impulse for over contact and control

If you find you have behavioural issues either handling or when riding and you are looking for an alternative to the traditional horse training methods then this demo is ideal for you

Everyone welcome, if you already train with me or know of someone who has always wondered what we do then bring them along, the more the merrier

Once the horses have done their bit showing their skills I'll have time to take some questions about the demo or any problems you're having
Then a chance to have a go on one of the horses, bring riding gear so you can feel for yourself how my training works
We'll then finish off with a BBQ, tea and coffee and chance to chat to everyone

Tickets £15 on the day
Plenty of parking

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1 hill place Chobham road Knaphill Woking Gu21 2tu
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16 January , Saturday 13:00