Cuddle you so Hard 2- featuring Hardcore, hardstyle, and other hard genres

Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore, and Hard genre event brought to you by Squad Up! events
and your Desert Rave Sunrise Crew
Phoenix, Az, USA


MYSTERY HEADLINER announced 2/22/2018

Maromi - UK Hardcore
Koliri - Euphoric HardStyle
Jangles - Hard Trance
Sid Snow -Hard House

- Hard Psy
Disco Stu - Hard Bounce

Please do not send out mass invites to this event page. We prefer you only invite the people you know well that will be an asset to the community.

Directions: check pinned post at 6pm the day of the event.

POUNCE Stage & Lights

NO: Glass Bottles, Beer/Alcohol Drinking Games, Alcohol Sales (jello shots/kegs), Fighting, Flicking Butts, Trash Touching the Ground, Passing on the Dirt Road, Speeding, Off Roading, Fireworks or Shooting.

YES: Fire Wood, Help Picking Up the Trash, Your own Supply of Water & Food, Layered Clothing, Shoes With Tread, Hiking, Buddy System (do not go anywhere without your rave buddy),

Report people who are a threat to themselves or others immediately.

We don't require that you to rave PLUR but we do ask that you are respectful to those of us who do.

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01 June , Friday 22:00