CTO #4: Michael Chekhov Technique with Jennifer Blagen

Join us for the CTO #4! Online sign-up for this class will open soon. To reserve a spot now, email genevieve@redbird-theatre.com. Watch the website for location updates.

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About the workshop...
In this

workshop we will investigate the technique of Michael Chekhov. Michael Chekhov, nephew of playwright Anton Chekhov, was a prodigy student of Stanislavsky and perhaps his teacher’s greatest critic. While Stanislavsky advocated the use of “Sense Memory” - using one’s own emotional history to understand and craft character, Michael Chekhov found this to be a trap. He felt that by developing a deep understanding of the sensory experience of the body and it’s relationship to psychology, as well as other exploration of the human instrument and experience, the actor not only breaks out of habitual patterns rooted in his/her own personality, but acquires the ability to access a great collective creative source. Through his playful exercises we will explore some of the fundamental principles of his technique and experience for ourselves the value of this process. Come play!

About the Instructor...
Jennifer Blagen has been performing in the Twin Cities (Guthrie, The Jungle, CTC, Pillsbury House, Theater Latte Da, Park Square, many others) and elsewhere for over 35 years. Since 1996 she has had the pleasure of teaching with the University of MN, the Guthrie Theater, Stages, and Pillsbury House Theater. Her MFA is from the National Theater Conservatory and Her BA is from The University of MN.

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01 February , Monday 18:00