CS House Cup: Dodgeball Tournament - Fall 2017

Here's another opportunity to earn House points...

Each CS House will form a team to compete against other Houses in this tournament. (ALL House members are welcome, including those on work term and our House alumni!) We'd like to aim for teams of at least 6. So, encourage other House members to come!

(Note: You don't have to play the same people in each match; substitutions will be allowed.)

Meet inside the L.B. Main Gym at 1:00 p.m. (Please try to be on time, changed & ready to go. That way, we can get everyone organized and start playing as soon as possible; we don't want to waste our gym time.)

**NOTE: Please wear your House colour on this day so everyone will be able to tell who's on each team. Recall, House colours are:
- Babbage House: black
- Dijkstra House: red
- Hopper House: blue
- Kay House: purple
- Knuth House: yellow
- Turing House: green
- von Neumann House: orange
(If you have a House Cup bandana, you could wear that!)

BONUS: Just like in past years, in addition to points for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, there will once again be a bonus point for the House showing the most team spirit. So, wear your House colour with pride!

This is a FREE event! :)

Spectators are welcome. Faculty, staff & friends, please come on out & cheer for your favourite CS House!

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2 Peter Kelly Dr, E3B 5A3
19 November , Sunday 13:00

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