Conversations Beyond Boundaries with Eliza and Gosia

What boundaries have you created and self inflicted that stop you from creating a greater life? What boundaries and limitations have you bought from others that you are not even aware of? What discomfort, pain and suffering have you gotten used to because you couldn’t see the possibility beyond it? What

if there was a light at the end of the tunnel and possibilities awaited that you haven’t been even considering? what if going beyond those boundaries and limitations was possible?
In our 5-Part telecall we will be discovering and clearing the places where you got yourself stuck and “unstuck” you as well as give you practical tools that you can use to create a different reality. Join us in the exploration of the inconceivable future that you could create and actualize with ease and joy.
Investement in you: $220
Includes: recordings of the calls and clearing loops

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Tele-Call, World!
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22 January , Friday 13:00