Conquering the Chaos

Jormungandr has fallen, Fenrir has been vanquished, and Nidhogg has been slain, yet the World Tree has burned. The realms have all collided in upon each other, reshaping the landscape as we know it. But from the ashes of the world, survivors emerge. Towns have been destroyed, fields have been razed,

and hundreds of thousands have died, but not all have been defeated. Heroes like Theseus, Hercules, and Merlin have saved all they could manage to protect from the destruction. And now that the destruction has ended, it is up to us to deal with the Chaos that plagues the lands. Our first task is to go to the Forest of Fado, to purify their lands. Perhaps the chaos may have unveiled some relics to help us in the coming days, or mayhaps we can find the remains of heroes that died trying to save us, and perhaps they left behind something that can help us defeat the forces of chaos that now plague this land. Heroes of Blackspire! Now is our time to stare back into the face of Chaos and tell it that we will not surrender! That we will not fail!! That we will not be beaten!!!

(Also, we still need Reeves and NPC’s for the quest!)

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19 November , Sunday 12:00

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