Community Pride - PECKHAM

LGSM and MFJ present
Community Pride: Peckham
Saturday Feb 20th 2016

March with us on the 20th February through the streets of SE15. Peckham’s FIRST EVER Pride march is for everyone with and without citizenship, papers or no papers. We REFUSE to accept stigma or discrimination over the colour of our

passports, the colour of our skin, our gender or our sexuality.
LGSMigrants and Movement for Justice are organising Peckham Pride to put the politics of resistance back into Pride. We intend to step out of the traditionally separate social groups that keep all our aspirations limited and our potential suppressed. Whatever your visa status, asylum claim, sexuality, gender, cultural background or religion ALL SHOULD BE OUT on the 20th and let’s make it a day when as a community we strengthen our resolve to stop immigration raids and harassment - building a movement to fight back and win.

Peckham is a place of resistance.
Peckham has been a target for anti-immigration raids, racist go-home vans, and street harassment. Threats hang over many of our heads of immigration detention (racist prisons where people are held on immigration officer’s say-so). The Nigerian and Ghanaian community is viewed by the Home Office as a convenient target due to their use of charter flights for mass deportations to those countries as enabled by the governments within them – a quick way to get British deportation stats up. But resistance is strong; Peckham has come out in force on to the streets in order to drive immigration enforcement off Rye Lane.

Pride is a Protest
Commercialisation has too long blunted the power of Pride marches. The government has been able to cynically misuse the progress achieved by LGBTQ+-led struggle to claim that they are the epicenter of progression and human dignity in the world. What they actually preside over is brutal deportations, cattle-like charter flights, and calculated destitution across Britain. They hypocritically deny sexuality and deport LGBTQ+ asylum seekers; and all the while taking Britain to war in Syria, driving more people to seek safety elsewhere, they are preparing the next anti-immigration bill, and anti-refugee border controls that will see more drowning’s and more destitution.

Join Peckham’s first Pride
• because when people come to Britain looking for safety and freedom, opportunity and education, THEY SHOULD FIND IT! This should be a safe haven, not a hell.
• because the racist “hostile environment” planned by the government for immigrants and the vast majority of citizens can be stopped! Collective action can win, if we organise together.
• because inspiring mass action teaches us of the strength and dynamism we have when we really fight back. WE ARE MANY, THEY ARE FEW.

A ‘hostile environment’ means an ugly, divided society, torn along racial lines in which everyone suffers. It is the strength of communities like Peckham standing up to the raids that is what we need to win a hope-filled future.

Who We Are
Movement for Justice by any means necessary is an activist group dedicated to fighting oppressive, exploitative power structures through building a mass independent, integrated, youth and immigrant-led civil rights, immigrant rights movement. Together with queer activist group, LGSMigrants (Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants), we are geared to challenging any negative public and political discourse that seeks to denigrate migrant peoples and their experiences. We stand in solidarity with migrants and other migrant support groups through our direct action and fundraising initiatives.
Get in touch to get involved, help build Peckham Pride, bring your organization, or have someone come a talk to your group about what they can do.

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Near Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill Street London SE15 5JR
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20 February , Saturday 12:00