Committed to Black Belt Seminar

Are you Committed to Black Belt?

Earning a Black Belt is not an easy task, of the 1000’s of people that commence studying a serious martial art very few reach their goal of achieving a Black Belt. The path to a black belt is not a smooth one.

As you make your way along the path you are going to come

across many rough patches, gaps in the road, apparent road blacks, bandits, wild animals and storms. You will experience dark nights, moments where you feel lost and feel so exhausted that you feel you can’t go on, you will meet many people on their way down the path wanting you to go back down with them. You will also see some incredible views from the path, meet amazing people, and travel for parts of time where the path is as smooth as silk.

Every black belt has their own story of their path to reaching a black belt. I am yet to hear one black belt say how easy it was, but the one thing I have seen from all those that have reached their black belt was a commitment to achieving their goal. Are you Committed to Black Belt?

On Saturday 27 February you have the opportunity to attend a Committed to Black Belt Seminar where you will get the chance to talk to black belts about their journey, and then get to train like the black belts along side them. If you truly are Committed to Black Belt then you do not want to miss this seminar.


Committed to Black Belt Seminar

Where: Gold Coast Karate & Kobudo Centre
When: Saturday 27th February 2016
Cost: $10

9:00 - 9:20 Chat with seniors
9:20 – 11:00 Train like a blackbelt
11:30 Lunch at Pit Stop Sushi (Optional)

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5/14 Harper St, 4214
Gold Coast
27 February , Saturday 09:00

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