CLUE: The Party

Its a Fresh Take on the Classic Board Game and the Greatest WHODUNIT Costume Party in Memphis! Join us for a zany night of mystery and suspense as we recreate CLUE (the movie) in the perfect setting of all: the rambling Annesdale Mansion, set high on a hill and so full of spooky atmosphere.

Was it

Mrs. White in the Ballroom with candlestick? Professor Plum in the library with revolver? Or Yvette the maid, in the kitchen with the dagger? You'll have TWO rounds of the game to decide and if you guess correctly, you'll win up to $2,500 in fabulous prizes! Plus, the night will feature a costume contest with cash prizes for the best take on the CLUE character you love most ... or identify with more than all the others.

All guests will be greeted by Yvette, the maid, with a glass of champagne and a card to guess the murderer in each round. VIP ticket holders will also have access to the VIP Champagne Lounge in the upstairs rooms of the Annesdale Mansion. A cash bar and hors d'oeuvres will also be available all night. Valet parking is provided free of charge.


Each of the main characters will be sponsored by generous supporters of Friends For Life. Their name and portrait will be on the playing cards at the reception desk, along with lines on the back to write in a room and a weapon. You get one card with entry, but you can purchase others (as many as you like) for $5.00 each or 5 for $20. Each round includes prizes for winners that get bigger and better as the night goes on! (To guide you, a game guide will be available that includes the lists of characters, weapons and rooms, as well as a layout of the mansion and timeline of the event.)

After you have your cards, explore the mansion and interview each of the characters to guess the right combo of room, weapon and murderer. They will have clues that will help you choose the right combo But be on your guard! Who is telling the truth, and who is lying? Once you've decided your choice, fill out your card(s) and return it to reception If you have the right combo, you win!

All entry fees and sponsorships support the programs and services at Friends For Life, including critical services like HIV testing, PrEP education, stigma reduction and housing and food for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Bring the look ... Catch the crook ... Get ready to have FUN at a party like NO OTHER!



Want to be an official character and participate in the live play of the game? As a character sponsor, you can buy an official CLUE character and become that character yourself (or assign it to someone else in your friend circle or within the community).

All official characters will have a professional photo shoot, including the services of makeup and hair artists, in mid-March, which will create the portraits that are featured on the CLUE card the day of the party. This portrait will also be used in promotions and can be resized as a poster for your home or office. Official characters and their sponsors will also be invited to dinner at the mansion the night of the party and will be invited to a special thank you reception at the home of Diane Duke in April.

NOTE: To make these sponsorships available to all, you can buy a character and raise the funds through a pledge form instead of committing to personally underwriting the cost out of pocket. Either is acceptable as long as the sponsorship money is received by March 1, 2018. For a pledge form, please call Matt Hicks at 901-333-8260 or email

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1325 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38104-4807, United States
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23 March , Friday 19:00