Close Protection Course APR - SCPTraing Camp

The CPO course consists of essential courses for both beginners and Security Professionals who want to bolster their resume with a certification from a company that meets a standard acceptable to the corporate world and has a reputation in the security industry but most of all in Gov. area recognise.

This program seamlessly incorporates classroom and physical training to equip graduates with the practical skills required to launch a career in Protection Services. Upon completing the diverse spectrum of courses in the program that meet legal aspects of released diploma, each graduate will obtain his or her Certified Protection Specialist (C.P.S.) The credential that is in high demand within the Protective Services industry.


Firearms safety

Fundamentals of shooting (stance, grip, etc.)

Choosing a pistol and ammunition ballistics

Tactical presentations including concealed carry

Methodology of shooting the self defense pistol

Use of cover

Tactical reloading

Drawing from the holster

Marksmanship and accuracy improvement

Malfunction clearance (Stoppage drills)

Tactical gun-handling

Simulated stress fire

Psychological Disorders

Undesirable Contact

Red Flags and Dangerous Human Behavior

Intention to Make Contact

Intervention Strategies

Protective Operations

Attacks On Principal

Writing Management Plans

Advance Preparations

Protective Hardware

Protective Intelligence


Organization of Team Details

Command Post Operations

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Via Prarino,, 12050
25 April , Wednesday 10:00

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