Citizens For Equal Parenting Rights

On Fathers Day 2016 many parents will go without seeing their children as they have in past years. Either because of unjust denials, or because of an unfair, unjust and highly unconstitutional Family Court System that is currently in place.

A court system built on tearing families apart calling it

"Best Interest for the Child" more like best interest for Courts, FOC , CPS, and DHS. As it is a profitable business for them.

This is just not limited to fathers, as many mothers suffer at the hands of family court and the practices they use as well. We are in this together.

So I ask that you stand against this fatherless society brought on by same court and agencies that scream "Best Interest". This is a fact that can be prevented by just simply standing up and taking a chance at fighting for something worth fighting for.

Our children need us to be their voice so they can be heard. Do you think a scorned mother or father will voice their child's opinion if its to see their other parent, Of course not or we wouldn't be fighting for our children in the first place. Do you think the courts will change without people demanding change? Doubt it, it has only gotten worse and more corrupt.

No longer can we be idle and silent. We must rise up and demand that our children's rights be recognized. Remind them that the role of each parent is equal. With no strings attached

Shared equal parenting time with both parents is imperative to the healthy mental, physical, and emotional development of our children.

Our children deserve to be heard, they deserve to have a voice, they deserve a choice. Let's help them with that. Let's ban together and march on the Michigan State Capital and stress the need for family court reform.

WE WILL be heard and THEY WILL listen. The more we gather the louder we will get, so share this event and let's gather everyone together and become one united voice. A voice to be heard across the nation, and start a new trend. A trend of equal parenting rights.

I hope that you can join us on June 16th, 2016 on the steps of the Capital Building for a peaceful gathering of concerned parents and parent supporters. That demand equal rights to our children.

Please share this with everyone in you friends list and encourage them to to share as well. For this matter is so very important to our children and their lives they still have ahead of them. Let's help make it great.

Thank you and God Bless

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16 June , Thursday 16:00

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