Chocolate for Charity: Chocolate Appreciation & Tasting Session

Get ready for a date with chocolate, the most romanticised food item on the planet! And to help you make a good impression, we’ll tell you all about it – where chocolate comes from, what influences its flavours, what are the myths and facts behind it. Savour every bit of our delicious morsels with a

big smile, knowing that with each sweet bite is a donation to a worthy cause.

Enjoy learning about the history, terminology, and benefits of chocolate, topped off by a delightfully sinful guided chocolate tasting experience. Come with an open mind and a semi-empty belly. Wearing brown will earn you brownie points and a chance to win our various giveaways and raffle items.

- You will learn about the chocolate making process from bean to bar, tasting cocoa butter and nibs in their purest forms.
- You will learn to identify REAL chocolate using our sensory guides of quality, and will never ever be fooled by imitations!
- You will have an opportunity to taste and enjoy chocolate of varying compositions and different origins around the world.
- You will get familiar with chocolate lingo and terminology used by professional chocolatiers, chefs, and industry insiders.
- You will have the chance to win our special connoisseur’s box featuring a diverse selection of sample chocolate tasters.

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New Delhi
11 February , Sunday 14:00

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