Chemung River Thru Susquehanna to Chesapeake Bay Ultimate Journey (Chemung 331)

Chemung River route to the Bay 331 + (Chemung 331)

-----The Chemung 331-----

Chemung River 46 miles
Plus, 285 actual Google mapped river measured miles (many plotted points, not a straight line or freeway measure) of the Susquehanna to the Chesapeake Bay equals 331 miles, Since we are finally at the

majestic bay, because we will make it, might as well explore, and that extra effort could add up quick, maybe 350 miles total or more!

Our adventure was inspired by the Susquehanna 444 River Voyage, and by those who have completed it.

Our journey starts right here in our very own Chemung River, that runs through our backyards. The thought that our little river leads all the way to the Chesapeake Bay is astounding. We depart at the source of the Chemung River -The Land of Three Rivers, instead of traveling from Cooperstown, NY to the Chesapeake, we travel downstream from the Chemung River's headwaters, merge into the Susquehanna (longest continental US river without Commercial boat traffic) and paddle to our destination --the awe inspiring Chesapeake Bay. The Susquehanna River leads through many small historic cities, has many Islands, and will be passing by the intersection of it's other self -the Susquehanna West Branch, that flows in from west side. I'm looking forward to this event and welcome all those who would enjoy a journey of a lifetime, about 331 scenic miles paddling. And earn a Chemung331 completion membership, and Certificate.
Please Note: The date of event is just a general idea of when we will be going. Please message in if you are interested in going.

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Elmira or Corning and Surrounding areas
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01 April , Friday 00:00