Chekhov Is My Valentine's Redemption

For those prevaricators out there, who are looking for redemption...You still have time to plan that special Valentine event for your sweetheart.

Fear not .. We even have room for the 'single but romantically inclined'.

Chekhov was the soap opera, blockbusting, storytelling, popular entertainment

provider of his time.

Join our congregation of Deya Ozburn, James Lyle, Mark Waldstein, Cassie Fastabend, and Stanislove for a vaudeville inspired Tent Revival Meeting, that does not quite go as expected. The order of service includes a sermon on the dangers of smoking the evil weed and a morality play on the fidelity of marriage (even after death). Some audience participation may be required.

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8312 Greenwood Ave N, 98103
21 February , Sunday 13:00

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