CEREMONY OF THE SACRED HOOP ~ Shamanic Journeys of Initiation ~ Gold Coast

Beáta Alföldi from WILD HEART AWAKENING and Peter Bowden from SHAMANIC EARTH MEDICINE invite you to an extraordinary 3-day journey into the heart of the wisdom teachings of the North and South American Medicine Wheel.

This journey invites you to deepen your connection to SELF, to sacred ‘OTHER’, to

NATURE, to MOTHER EARTH, and to the SACRED HOOP of Life. Through powerful earth-centred practices, ceremony, group processes, shamanic drum journeys, movement and guided imagery we come to understand our place in this world, what we carry as ‘medicine’ and how we can offer our ‘gifts’ to family, friends and to the world at large.

Deepening our connection with the totality of life ~ we come to know in our hearts that we have no superiority or hierarchy above any other on this sacred earth and we learn to live in balance, beauty, power and integrity.

This 3-day experiential journey will culminate with a Tobacco (Rapé Medicine Ceremony) to anchor our sacred work together. Rapé is a legal, sacred shamanic snuff medicine, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. Rapé is a sacred, powerful, profoundly healing and cleansing medicine. Generally, the Rapé Medicine has the following effects – helps to re-align and open all your chakras, releases any sickness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, opens the inner eye, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases any negative thoughts, removes any entities, connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection with Spirit.

In this Ceremony of the Sacred Hoop weekend you will:

• Have an understanding of what ‘medicine’ you carry within you and what your offering to the world is
• Receive shamanic tools, totemic allies and practices for healing, empowerment, divination and transformation
• Gain a deeper understanding of the Sacred Hoop of Life from the North and South American wisdom traditions
• Engage in the power of ceremony, intention, creativity and embodiment
• Learn to walk in balance, beauty, power and integrity so that you become a person of HONOUR in right relationship to the totality of life; ‘WALKING THE BEAUTY WAY’
• Practical tools for clearing your ancestral lineage, transforming pain, embodying your creative potential and claiming your medicine allies and gifts
• Shamanic Journeywork, Ceremony, Group Processes, Deep Imagery, Medicine Songs, Drum Journeys and much more.


Dates: Friday 4th March, 2016: 6pm – 9pm
Saturday 5th March, 2016: 9am – 6pm
Sunday 6th March, 2016: 9am – 9pm

Place: Heart Centred Money Makers
50A Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485
Visit: http://heartcentredmoneymakers.com/

Investment: $895.00
Early Bird Price: $825.00 (Paid in Full by February 10th, 2016)

This intimate event will BOOK OUT! Therefore ALL BOOKINGS REQUIRE a $250 deposit to reserve your space.

Payment plans available. Direct Deposit via bank transfer/ or the rest of the monies PAID IN CASH
Please transfer deposit to:
Name: Peter Bowden
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 034660
Acct #: 324495
Subject: "Sacred Hoop 4.3."

EMAIL Beata: beata@wildheartawakening.com for payment details, any questions, preparation and what to bring or PH: 0418 639 056

FACILITATORS: Beáta Alföldi (Wild Heart Awakening) and Peter Bowden (Shamanic Earth Medicine)

Beáta is a noted teacher, workshop facilitator, shamanic & energetic healer, seer, ceremonial leader, writer and speaker. She has an intuitive gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation and facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops as well as national and international retreats. She has featured at major events, festivals and conferences as a guest speaker, ceremonial leader and workshop facilitator. Beáta created the ‘Integral Woman’ program for the Awareness Institute in Sydney and co-facilitated a transformational group journey to Peru, where she lived and was initiated into the ancient shamanic practices and plant medicines of the Amazon and Andes. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences provide continued inspiration for her work. Beáta currently lives in Sydney where she facilitates fortnightly shamanic gatherings, monthly women’s circles and runs her own healing space. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to find their own connection to spirit, soul, and nature, and the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and radiantly alive!

For more information on Beata's work visit: www.wildheartawakening.com

Peter Bowden:

Shamanic Earth Medicine is the soul expression of Peter Bowden. Peter has been sharing shamanic earth medicine for more than 20 years, teachings taught to him by Indigenous Elders in both the Americas and Australia. He first received teachings from Canadian Elders in 1987. He has met and worked with many teachers on his journey, some including, Grey Wolf an Inuit Elder, Lakota Elders, Uncle Joe Silver Wolf a Cree Elder, Elder Varuna Dagan and Apache Elder Grandmother Shanadi. Peter recently rediscovered his Aboriginal heritage through his great-grandmother in his mother’s family bloodline, who was part of the stolen generation. He is currently re-establishing his connection to this land.Peter journeys a Shamanic pathway and travels nationally and internationally sharing shamanic earth medicine by facilitating ceremony, Shamanic circles, Sacred Masculine Lodges, the Way of the Drum, and walks with a profound connection to all beings. Through these teachings people have been empowered to walk the Medicine Way surrendering and letting go into deeper states of healing consciousness for themselves and all beings. Peter has featured at major events and conferences, including most recently the Health Harmony and Soul festival, White Light Expos, the Ethnogenesis Conference, the Dreaming Festival, Byron Spirit Festival and many others.

For more information on Peter's work visit: www.shamanicearthmedicine.com.au

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Heart Centred Money Makers - 50A Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485
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