Celebrate Justice for Puppy Doe- An Ongoing Event, Attendance is In-Spirit

This is an in-spirit event in which we can show our excitement and gratitude that the authorities have successfully made an arrest in connection with the Puppy Doe case. Radoslaw Czerkawski, 32, was arrested at a hotel in New Britain, Connecticut today, Monday, October 28, 2013 and charged with misleading

investigators in the Puppy Doe case and will be arraigned tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th in Quincy District Court on 11 additional charges directly related to the abuse of the dog. For the many who were moved, outraged, and supported the cause of finding the person(s) responsible for this horrific crime, it is time to celebrate and give thanks that we have this man in custody now. And Puppy Doe has NOT died in vain, but started a global movement toward higher awareness and animal rights. We honor her in spirit for her bravery while here and know she rests in peace having not died in vain, but being able to help countless other animals even from Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to the police officers, detectives, and Facebook advocates worldwide who were involved, who didn’t turn away, and who searched for over 2 months to bring this man to justice. *We must raise awareness in our communities that these crimes are never isolated, because such individuals are with certainty harming other animals and people, as well.* This particular man was found to also be abusing an elserly woman who he was hired to care for- research shows this is the pattern for animal abusers, as the link between animal cruelty and violence against humans is WELL-DOCUMENTED through much scientific research. This is just one more reason why we must be taking crimes against ALL sentient beings seriously and prosecute those committing these violent crimes.

This event will be an *ongoing vigil* to be attended *in spirit* so that everyone can attend no matter where they live.

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Wherever you are! This is an in-spirit event to include everyone globally that supported finding justice for Puppy Doe!!
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28 October , Tuesday 00:00